10 Best Travel Rewards Cards That Earn Airline Miles

If you’re an avid traveler, then you understand the importance of earning travel rewards. You desire to accumulate as many airline miles as possible. There are so many credit cards out there that offer great bonuses and rewards for those who fly frequently. However, it can be difficult to know which one is best for your needs.

Before applying for one of these types of credit cards, the information here will help you make a decision. To help you decide what card is right for you, we put together a list of our 10 favorite travel rewards cards with the most attractive mile-earning potential!

Before Applying for an Airline Miles Credit Card

Before applying, you should determine if an airline miles credit card is right for you. The main perk of travel rewards cards is the sign-up bonuses. Remember, however, that every new account will also lower the average age of your accounts. This can have a negative effect on your credit score. If you have applied for a lot of credit cards in the past year or so, then consider waiting to apply.

It may not be worth it to reduce your credit rating just to earn some extra points. It may be best to wait and always make sure that you are financially responsible enough to handle another line of credit before signing up!

What To Expect When Signing Up For A Travel Rewards Credit Card

Once approved, there are three likely possibilities:

  • They’ll approve you instantly and send out a physical card within a few weeks.
  • They’ll approve you instantly and send out an electronic card number right away, which you can use immediately.
  • Your application will go under review. If the latter happens, then it takes about one week to for approval, but this is likely not going to happen if you have good credit scores.

If you are given instant approval for the physical card, then expect that in around two weeks. Once your new plastic arrives – there isn’t much more required beyond this point other than waiting until your first billing cycle begins. This usually occurs in around 25-30 days. However, if you only receive an e-card number upon approval, then make sure that someone else doesn’t end up making charges on the account by accident!

Gold Delta SkyMiles Credit Card from American Express

This card has a pretty generous sign-up bonus – 30,000 miles. Plus, you’ll get another 15,000 miles after spending $1000 within your first three months! And don’t forget that this card comes with an annual fee of only $95 (waived the first year).

There are also no foreign transaction fees when using it while traveling abroad. If you like to travel internationally often and want some extra perks along the way, then Gold Delta SkyMiles is worth checking out for sure! Great travel rewards with this card!

Capital One Venture Travel Rewards Credit Card

The Capital One Venture Travel Rewards credit card is another good card. It earns one mile for each dollar you spend on every purchase. No matter what airline or hotel chain you use- whether it’s United Airlines or Hilton Hotels–they’ll all earn you one mile for each dollar you spend. You can redeem your miles as statement credits by booking airfare, hotel stays, and car rentals.

You can do this through Capital One’s travel center- which means no blackout dates or restrictions! There is an annual fee of $59 (waived the first year). If you’re looking for a simple card that just earns rewards with no strings attached, then this one might be right up your alley!

Chase Sapphire Preferred Card

Another great option for a travel rewards card is Chase Sapphire Preferred. It offers two points on every single purchase made using the card. Also, it adds 50% more when used to book travel via the Ultimate Rewards website.

In addition to earning double points for dining at restaurants and traveling expenses, it also doubles points on all purchases made in the travel category. Plus, when you transfer your points to one of Chase’s airline or hotel partners, they’re worth 25% more! There are no foreign transaction fees and an annual fee of $95 (waived for the first year).

SW Visa (Southwest)

This card is also a great option if you want to earn credit card rewards without having to pay any interest charges. The SW Visa doesn’t have an introductory APR, but it does give you 0% intro APR on balance transfers for 12 months.

If you need some time before paying off those holiday bills this could be something worth considering! With this card, you’ll get unlimited cash back as long as there’s money available in your checking account at month-end up to $2500. There’s also no annual fee!

JetBlue Amex Card

With the JetBlue card, you’ll earn six points for each dollar you spend at places like restaurants, grocery stores, and gas stations (up to $50K). You’ll also get three points per eligible dollar spent on all other purchases. Plus, if you use your card to purchase any airline tickets through their website within one year of opening an account, then you can receive a 25% bonus towards your flight miles.

It makes this one worthwhile, just for that perk alone! The sign-up bonus is only 20,000 points, but there are no blackout dates or seat restrictions when redeeming rewards with this card. In addition, there is a generous policy that gives you, the traveler, to check your first bag for free. There is an annual fee of $40 but it’s waived in the first year as well! JetBlue Amex is a great travel rewards card!

Chase Freedom Flex

The Chase Freedom card also has some outstanding features to offer its users. There are rotating bonus categories that give you five percent cash back every three months on up to $1500 in combined purchases made through participating merchants.

You can sign up each time a new category comes around. If your account is set to auto-pay, then this could be one way you never have another late payment again! If you travel abroad often, don’t forget about the 0% intro APR for 15 months following the opening date. This means no interest charges when paying off those vacation expenses within 18 billing cycles or so at least. And lastly, there is no annual fee for this card!

Bank of America Travel Rewards Credit Card

If you’d rather have a straight cashback travel rewards program- then the Bank Americard Travel Reward Credit Card might be something worth looking into. You’ll get an unlimited one percent on every purchase made using your card. Also, there are 0% intro APR offers available on all purchases when opening an account with at least $25 to put down as initial payment within 45 days of signing up.

This means that it can work well if you don’t pay off your balances in full each month. Plus, there’s also zero liability protection in case someone steals your information, so it’s pretty safe too! There are no foreign transaction fees with this particular card either. Keep in mind, though, that there is an annual fee of $0 intro for the first year, then $95.

Discover it Miles

If you prefer a straightforward rotating category cashback rewards program where every quarter new categories are offered with five percent cash back- the Discover it card might be more up your alley! You’ll also be able to get access to special financing offers which allow you to pay no interest on purchases.

This happens when the user pays in full within six months. This particular offer has no balance transfer fees attached either (normally three percent). Plus, when making payments using auto-pay from a checking or savings account each month you can receive 0% APR for six months following the opening date too, so keep that in mind as well! The annual fee is waived for the first twelve months. There are no foreign transaction fees with this card either.

Citi Premier Card

The Citi Premier Card is another good one for international travelers with no foreign transaction fees. You’ll also get access to exclusive travel deals and pre-sale tickets through the Citi Private Pass program. In addition, you receive assistance in case of a lost or stolen bag when you’re aboard your flight! The annual fee varies based on creditworthiness, prime rate, and market conditions.

If approved there’s an introductory APR offer available which gives new customers 0% intro APR on balance transfers made within four months from account opening. That means any transfer made before that will be subject to whatever regular APR applies followed by either 14.24%, 17.99% or 22.24 % variable. These rates depend upon prevailing rates at time of account opening. You’ll also get an introductory APR offer on purchases made within four months from account opening.

Chase Freedom Flex Travel Rewards Card

The Chase Freedom Flex card is another good travel rewards card that you might want to look into if you travel internationally often. You’ll earn a 0% intro APR on both purchases and balance transfers made within 15 months from account opening.

That means any transfer or purchase made before then will be subject to whatever regular APR applies. However, keep in mind there’s no introductory offer available for either balance transferred after the first fifteen months of having your new credit card or for cash advances. The annual fee associated with this card is $0 and there are no foreign transaction fees too- making it pretty accessible even outside North America!